My purpose is simple...

Enjoy the journey, and make a positive impact along the way.

Hey, my name is Jesse!

I'm a funky blend of extroverted and introverted. I utilize my business and personal development toolbelt to better understand myself and the world around me.

I love nothing more than connecting with good people. Every once in a while we meet someone that blows us away. If you're that person, I look forward to meeting you!

I spend a lot of time working and find myself integrating my interests into what I do. I'm always connecting with entrepreneurs and inventors, and enjoy discussing technology that is foundational to human existence.

My career is full of twists and turns. if you're looking for a professional bio, head over to my LinkedIn.

I have left multiple great careers because I got bored. I wasn't stimulated intellectually, socially, or creatively. I felt like a corporate, bot so I instinctively left without a backup plan.

I have continuously chosen the hard path in life, which has created unnecessary acrimony in my personal development journey. My need to feel stimulated in multiple different ways has created an environment where I push my creative, social, and intellectual boundaries.

I'm still discovering what it is I was put on this planet to do. As I further enhance my reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, I gain a deeper understanding of the universe as a whole.

I've been blessed with some amazing opportunities. I have incredible people in my life, and a unique set of skills to help those people thrive.

I wake up every day blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside awesome people. I'm always pushing myself to learn new things, and I seek to help those I love prosper as our world morphs into a
21st-century masterpiece

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My Focus

Intellectual Property

Hemp & Material Science

Corporate Messaging

Supply Chain Technology

Corporate Training

Our world is hungry for sustainable solutions in both the public and private sectors. We were not put on this planet to sit behind screens. We were put on this planet to help others, make a positive impact, and enjoy the world around us.

It's our civic duty to create a better world for the future. But if this is true, why do we spend
so much of our lives focused on things that don't matter?

Let's focus on solving problems that matter!

Come on! Join me on the journey.

It's going to be a wild ride.

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The Millennial Merger
How to Sell, Manage, Empathize, and Communicate in a Multi-Generational Workforce

The Millennial Merger 3

Learn How Digital Natives Listen, Think, and Act in the 21st Century.

Our social, political, religious, and corporate constructs are rapidly changing. The status quo from 50 years ago is irrelevant today. We live in a new age, where our thoughts are shared instantly, and our processes are streamlined with digital solutions.

The generations entering the workforce today are much better equipped to thrive in the 21st century, while the older generations are trying to play catch up.

While millennials may have the upper hand digitally, they are not (by any means) the all superior generation. Their pitfalls are discussed throughout the book in order to help others truly absorb their philosophical perspective.

This book will allow people of all ages to understand how the thought process of the new generation has evolved over the years. With insight into how young professionals think, we can make decisions that will positively impact our world for decades to come.

This book dives DEEP into all areas of the millennial ideology. By understanding the new generation, we can see the social, economic, and philosophical shifts that are happing right before our eyes.

How I Got Here

In order to get to where I'm going, I have had to dig deep by going beyond my known capacity. I'm always discovering new frontiers, and find myself taking risks and pushing myself beyond my capabilities. Over the past few years, I’ve been focused on integrating powerful frameworks into my life. Here are some of the thing's I've pushed to develop within myself over the years:

Finding my flow state (or zone of genius).

Using the compound effect, and leveraging momentum.

Only focusing on one thing at a time (by putting one foot in front of the other).

Finding the right advisors, mentors, partners, and vendors.

Finding the key metric that drives growth.

Asking the tough questions that make me (and others) feel uncomfortable.

Recognizing opportunities, yet saying no to 100% of the distractions.

Communicating and connecting to give, instead of get.

Honing my mental and emotional compartmentalization skills.

Delaying gratification and taking a risk on myself.

Encouraging cognitive dissonance within my day to day life.

Building relationships with good people (and moving away from bad ones).

The reality is, implementing all of these practices has been a bumpy road. I've had to learn the hard way more than a handful of times. Patience (especially) is a lesson I have learned too many times to count.

The path I'm walking down is neither easy nor straightforward. Even now, I realize the obstacles I may face over the next few decades would be daunting to most. I also realize that I don't fully understand the depth of the commitments I've made to myself and society. 

But, when someone knows it's their civic duty to facilitate change, there's very little someone can do to get in their way. Our planet needs to be lead by authentic and competent people who can ease society into the new age.

As I've Integrated These New Practices Into My Life, I Have Learned a Few Things.

The best way to learn is to shut our mouths and listen.

If we want success, we have to be ready to take the next step - RIGHT NOW.

No one has a guidebook with the right answers.

Coachability and constructive criticism are great tools for growth.

Change is the law of the universe.

Identifying the gap (or obstacle) is usually common sense if we just open our eyes and utilize our senses.

Relationship with ourselves, as well as relationships with ideas and things, create the frames that shape how we view our relationships with other people.

All humans want are desirable emotional states.

Awareness + Energy = Momentum

Balancing the duality of a long term vision, and short term action items.

There's no replacement for hard work.

Communication & energy awareness are the two most important skill sets.

The two main reasons relationships go awry come down to either expectation or communication gaps.

You can get smart from another person’s knowledge, but you cannot become wise from another person’s wisdom.

None of these are particularly revolutionary. I have just been blessed enough to go through circumstances that have created a strong foundation for problem-solving. I'm able to utilize these frameworks to solve personal and professional problems for both myself, and others. I realized very early on in my career that there are really only a few important skills. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Knowing how to intake information, process it, and output a result is the most fundamental supply chain in human consciousness.

What Now?

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If you're looking to thrive in a 21st-century workforce...

Read The Millennial Merger to better understand how millennials listen, think, and act.

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