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My name is Jesse Henry

Every day I’m working to accelerate the materials transition in the agriculture, chemicals, and manufacturing industries. I believe that sustainable solutions are the most important innovations that will determine in the long-term survival of our species. My focus is:

  • Reducing The Carbon Footprint of Raw Materials and End Products
  • Building Local Agriculture Supply Chains To Support Local Manufacturing
The Important Stuff

Creating Sustainable Thoughts and Things

The law of attraction says that thoughts become things. So a sustainable material world starts with a sustainable immaterial world.

Part of my purpose on this planet is to embed sustainable solutions into all parts of society. Beyond business, this means integrating sustainability into how we listen, think, act, feel, relate, speak, eat, and show up in the world.

Sustainable Innovations Are Evolving

From Green Energy Into Green Materials

Society needs similar incentive structures so that green materials can become the backbone of manufacturing.

The race to lowest cost production means we have sacrificed carbon emissions for profit. If we want to transition toward a more sustainable future, we can't continue to neglect the negative impact of the materials we use everyday. The materials industry is $5.5T+. It's time to make it green.

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Long Term Mindset

Thinking Through The Lens of Sustainability

The leaders of tomorrow will make decisions by putting sustainability at the forefront of the conversation.

While building a business focused on sustainable materials, I started to look at the non-physical aspects of sustainability. If we focus on showing up today in a way that's more sustainable, our planet will benefit for generations to come.

Embedding Sustainability

Throughout The Supply Chain

Agriculture Industry

My team partners with traditional row crop farmers (corn, wheat, soy, etc) to successfully add industrial hemp into their crop rotation. Our crops help farmers reduce chemical usage and nitrate runoff while increasing soil carbon and water retention.

Chemicals Industry

Heartland partners with material suppliers, chemical companies, and plastic compounders to reduce the cost, weight, and carbon footprint of plastic, rubber, paper, concrete, cement, asphalt, and other raw materials.

Manufacturing Industry

Heartland is a sustainability partner for brands and their suppliers on their journey to reduce their carbon footprint. Our team helps create stakeholder alignment so companies can quickly develop and test products that use sustainable materials.

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