My First Post – Finding Balance In Chaos

Hello world, it’s nice to remeet you.

This site has had a few evolutions over the years.

In this next evolution, I’m going to have fewer rules and restrictions.

I used to think posts needed to be so formal. Long paragraphs of Nobel laureate prize-winning prose. The denser, the better. 

In this version of the website, I’m going to release my need for perfectionism. 

I have previously lived in a world where I don’t celebrate the 97% that went right, I focus on the 3% I could have done better. This drove a habit called overfunctioning perfectionism. You may know someone who has this (since we live in a society that promotes overfunctioning).

I’ve refrained from sharing many parts of my journey because they have been difficult and filled with massive amounts of uncertainty. My day-to-day life is not something I’m naturally inclined to share on social media. 

A good portion of the content on social media is grounded in attention-seeking behavior and external validation. I didn’t have the need to share my struggles, and I didn’t have the need to do the fake-it-till-you-make-it-thing. You know, the one where entrepreneurs take pictures next to other people’s nice cars and private jets to “build their personal brands.” 

This new blog section is not about proving anything to anyone. This is a space for me to share my thoughts, ideas, emotions, strategies, experiences, reflections, perspectives, and notes about life.

Version 2.0

We all have a next version of ourselves; a better version of ourselves. All we have to do is give ourselves the software update required to be the type of person who can do XYZ. Whatever XYZ is.

The next version of me is a little less stiff. A little more relaxed. A little bit more expressive. And a lot more balanced. 

Over the past year or so, I have been finding balance through things outside of work. 

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Meditation / Breathwork
  • Cold exposure
  • Exploration 

These exercises have been extremely helpful for my ability to show up in the world as a more grounded person. 

This next software update involves me better integrating all the pieces of who I am personally and professionally. 

Oftentimes, I feel like I’m only valued for what I bring to the world professionally. Of course, this is all made up in my head. 

But my values of playfulness, openness, and respect can be integrated into my personal and professional life.

And I’m looking forward to sharing some of the things I’m learning about myself and the world around me.

Who knows, maybe one of these blog posts can change your life.

Fortunately, that’s for you to decide.

With Love,