Problem With The Traditional View Of Sustainability

It's Limited In Scope & Scale

Today, green energy and battery technologies get the spotlight. But, climate tech includes energy, materials, food, software, hardware, recycling, and other technologies that reduce waste. My goal is to amplify these climate technologies to create the foundation for a sustainable future.

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The Outer Is Just A Reflection of The Inner

A Sustainable Physical World Starts With Your Thoughts

Over the years, I have refined my definition and view of sustainability and how it can positively impact society. 

My purpose on this planet is to embed sustainability into the physical, digital, and metaphysical worlds. Below, I will walk you through what that means, and why it is mission-critical for the future of our species.

Sustainability in The Physical World

Our World Is Made From The Same Fundamental Materials

The materials we use every day (plastic, rubber, paper, concrete, asphalt, etc) have a really high carbon footprint. If we’re going to be reliant on these materials in the coming decades, it’s our responsibility to figure out how to reduce the negative impact that these materials have on our planet.

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The Physical Solution

High Performance Carbon Negative Additives

Carbon negative additives can reduce the cost, weight, and carbon footprint of raw materials and end products.

Heartland engineers hemp fibers as additives for plastic, rubber, paper, concrete, asphalt, and other raw materials. We work with brands and suppliers to embed these carbon-negative additives into raw material supply chains without any retooling costs.

Sustainability in The Digital World

Our Society Is Permenantly Attached To The Digital World

As cameras, phones, and computers get better, files are getting larger. Streaming and storing large files requires a lot of storage, energy, bandwidth, and computing power. The data centers that store this information have a very high carbon footprint.

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The Digital Solution

Fully Homomorphic Compression & Encryption

The ability to read and write over compressed and encrypted files will support the future of data storage and transmission.

My team works with the top engineers on the planet who have developed math that enables people to search and append compressed data. Eventually, this technology will become part of the core infrastructure used by companies that store and transmit large amounts of information.

Sustainability in The Metaphysical World

Trying To Find Inner Peace When Surrounded By Chaos

Our society is more divided today than it has ever been. Embedding sustainability into the parts of the world that humans can’t see is difficult. Sustainable materials, technology, and energy are straightforward. Sustainable thoughts, emotions, actions, and ways of communicating and consuming are a bit more opaque.

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The Metaphysical Solution

One Word: Balance

How do you find balance in your day to day life?

I have hundreds of pages of personal notes that I wrote trying to crack the code on how to embed sustainability into the world that we know exists, but can’t see. As I try to simplify my understanding, the word I have found is balance. This balance becomes increasingly important as we navigate a world that is not conducive to our day to day happiness.

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